We are “The Roofer That Other Roofers Call When They Can’t Find The Leak”. All work is according to MA Building Code or better.

Raboin carries Massachusetts Board of Regulations License # 001642 and MA Home Improvement # 100717 and is Workman Compensation and Liability Insured.

Raboin began in 1922 and holds certification to train workers and put them through their apprenticeship as “Mechanic Roofers”. We are a small highly trained company.  
“Joseph Jenkins” credited Raboin with assistance in the writing of (2004) “The Slate Roofers Bible”. – Photographs of our work are in that book. We have also been in Architectural Digest and twice in Yankee Magazine. – We were the only New England Roofer featured in Yankee Magazines “Pull out a section of “Hard to Find Master Craftsmen”. 

 Although Raboin specializes in slate, copper and chimney work, we are the experts at locating a leak on most typical New England roofs.
“Complaints are our top priority because one person saying bad things about you will undo a hundred singing praises.”

Fifty percent of the calls that we receive come from jobs completed within the last 5 years by another roofer who:
1) Responded but failed to fix the problem
2) They never responded to their customers complaint call
3) The roofer has gone out of business.

Other roofers typically give a one-year guarantee but Raboin excels where others fail.
We give a thirty year, labor and material guarantee on all newly installed slate, copper, and lead applications. We can provide customer names who called roofer after roofer for 2 to 20 years until calling us. – No one has had to call another roofer after calling Raboin. “Raboin” Is the Strength behind the Strongest Guarantee in the business. We feel it is only right to give our customers only the very best of what we have to offer.